The Social KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) digital platform for Lifestyle Brands

KOLs Asia is a social lifestyle digital platform targeting Chinese millennials through an influencers of KOLs strategy.   
KOLs Asia presents an opportunities for brands wanting to enter the Chinese market using a cost effective proven strategy. Through our KOLs Asia platform, brands can select KOLs or influencers in the different lifestyle segments to test and communicate their products to the influencer followers' base.  Followers and consumers can purchase and pay for these new and exciting products from our KOLs Asia commerce engine and platform.

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Cost Effective Marketing through KOLS & Influencers

KOLs Asia offers a social commerce platform targeting the lifestyle industry (including Beauty, Health, Design and Fashion) to help companies promote their products through influencers or KOLs. Companies keen on entering China can place their products onto our platform and will be able to select the right influencers to test market their products.

Influencers will review the products and itnroduce their followers. Followers who like the reviews will purchase the products directly from the KOLs platform.

KOLs Asia platform is developed on Wechat platform. Wechat is one of the main social media commerce platform in China.