Wong Toon King, Chairman

Wong Toon King is the Lead Investor for WEGOGO. Widely regarded as a technology entrepreneur, Wong also has a clutch of accolades to his name, including World Economic Forum Leader of the Future Award 2001, National Youth Award for Entrepreneurship, and National IT Leader Young Professional Award.

Among his many achievements include founding SilkRoute Holdings, getting involved in two start-ups that eventually listed on the NASDAQ, and leading the building and venture capital fund raising of ECnet Limited.

In addition to holding directorships in organisations such as MediaCorp and Raffles Holdings, he also brought ice-cream brand Ben & Jerry’s to Singapore through The Happy People Co. Outside of work, he was a former silver (team) and bronze (individual) fencing medallist at the SEA Games in 1993.

  Mak Chee Wah, CEO and Founder

Mak Chee Wah is the CEO and Founder of WEGOGO. Prior to this, he was the CEO of Melioris International, a leading company in Asia focusing on the financial supply chain and offering financial BPO services. Its customers are predominantly medium and large enterprises, including Fortune 500 companies such as Hewlett Packard, Johnson & Johnson, Carrier and Sony Ericsson.

Before starting Melioris, Mak was the CFO of SilkRoute Holdings, an e-commerce holding company. He was also the CFO and co-founder of ECnet Limited, an e-supply chain management services company, and has helped both companies raise approximately S$100 million of private equityfrom top-tier global venture capital firms.

  Richard Tan Boon Piew, Director and Co-founder

Richard Tan is a director and Co-founder of WEGOGO. Tan is tasked with spearheading its strategic marketing and business development, overseeing the expansion of the firm in the travel and tourism sector.

Before joining WEGOGO, Tan had extensive regional experience in sales and marketing, channel development, business development, inside sales call centre management, as well as operational excellence. He spent 23 years working with several multi-national companies in the IT industry, successfully executing their directives to drive growth in Asia Pacific.

In addition, he has also helped numerous business partners transform their business model from hardware to service and solution, aiding them in further extending their growth and profitability, as well as acquiring new customers

  Yue Yew Hoong, Director and Co-founder

Yue Yew Hoong is a director and Co-founder of WEGOGO. He is also the director and co-founder of Melioris International, which has a presence in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines and China.

His primary achievements at Melioris include securing recurring revenue, capturing large multi-national customers, and overseeing the delivery and development of the company’s own product and operations. Before establishing both companies, Yue was involved with corporate strategic development and business development for SilkRoute Holdings

  Reene Ho-Phang, Strategic Advisor and Co-founder

Reene Ho-Phang is the Strategic Advisor and Co-founder for WEGOGO. She brings to the table two decades of experience in multi-channel marketing, communications and partnerships in the travel and tourism industry.

Ho-Phang is also the managing director of BrandStory Inc, a travel marketing and representation firm with offices in cities including Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong and Singapore. Its clients include tourism boards in Australian, Middle Eastern, European and US destinations, as well as marketing organisations such as NYC & Company, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Tourism Authority and Brand USA.

Under Ho-Phang’s leadership, BrandStory has successfully helped destinations increase their visibility in the Chinese market. The Emirate of Abu Dhabi, for instance, experienced more than 200 per cent increase in arrivals following a marketing campaign in China.