1. I already have various social media accounts for my business. Why do I need WEGOGO?

With the WEGOGO platform, you can instantly open an account on WeChat, giving you access to the fastest growing travel source market, China. Plus it is easy to use – if you already have existing Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter accounts, simply transfer the content into WEGOGO.

2.What is so special about WEGOGO?

Unlike everyone else, we don't sell books, toys, electronics, houses, or a zillion other products. We focus on making it easy for Chinese travellers to find unique experiences like what you offer, and use WeChat which has over 500 million active monthly users, to do push marketing.

3.What exactly is push marketing?

Instead of trying to attract users to log-on and use WeChat, we deliver promotional content regularly to them, based on their likes and preferences. Because we know exactly what they’re looking for, whatever we share will be what they are interested in. Rather than looking for a needle in a haystack (we all know China has a population of 1.4 billion), why not let technology do 90 per cent of the work? We could go on and on. Buy us a coffee and we will share more with you.

4.How much time or money do you spend on maintaining

With WEGOGO, technology takes care of most of the work. All you have to do is concentrate on doing your business and offering great products and services to travellers.

5.Is it really that simple to use?

As long as you have a computer or smartphone, you can access and use WEGOGO.

6. Do I need to understand Chinese to use WEGOGO?

No. As long as you understand English, you can use WEGOGO, even to reach out to the Chinese market.

7. I am interested in the free service, but is it really free? Is there a catch?

WEGOGO is like Gmail, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and many other sites out there. How much do you pay for each? It is entirely up to you. There is the option to use the free service, or upgrade to the Basic or Premium Service tiers. Rates start from a very affordable US$49.00

8. I am sold, sign me up. What do I get?

Free registration, free microsite set-up, free six standard blocks, free use of standard templates, free monthly activities upload, free updates four times a month… The list going on. WEGOGO Services Visit for complete details. If you go the whole hog and sign up for our Premium Service, you will even receive a complimentary electronic traceable luggage tag.